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Sweet Reserve Bakery and Cafe: 2nd-Anniversary Event Marketing Case Study

Client Overview

Industry: Food & Beverage

Objective: Promote the 2nd-anniversary event, boost local engagement and attendance

Let's Dive in to the specifics of Event Marketing...


Sweet Reserve Bakery and Cafe approached Diatonic Visuals with a pressing challenge. With their 2nd-anniversary event set for August 26th, 2023, and the clock ticking down from August 1st, there was less than a month to create and effective event marketing strategy and enough buzz to ensure a successful event. The primary goal was to attract attendees both locally and from the broader Chicagoland area. Scroll down to continue ready our Bakery & Cafe Event Marketing Case Study.


Diatonic Visuals crafted a multi-pronged marketing strategy:

  • Social Media Campaigns: Leveraging the power of Facebook & Instagram, four ad campaigns were designed specifically for the event, including two generic campaigns highlighting Sweet Reserve's Lombard, IL location.

  • Lead Tracking with Eventbrite: All event promotions were hosted on Diatonic Visuals' Eventbrite page, a strategic move designed to track ad conversions effectively.

  • Optimized Ad Spend: Combining in-house creative with strategic ad spend across meta platforms, we achieved an impressive PPC (price per click) of $0.68.

  • Physical Promotions: Diatonic Visuals produced 50 yard signs, a 24x36 banner promoting a 3-tier cake giveaway, and 500 4x5 mailers distributed to schools, local government agencies, and businesses.

  • Engagement Metrics: Our efforts reached 175,000+ people, with 431 individuals completing our lead generation form attached to the ad.

Graphic & Print Production


The results were nothing short of spectacular:

  • Event Attendance: The Eventbrite page recorded over 850 Free Dessert vouchers, all claimed in advance. On the event day, a whopping 1,435 people thronged Sweet Reserve's doors, marking a significant success.

  • Social Media Impact: The campaigns bolstered the event's success and added 400 new followers to Sweet Reserve's social profiles. Engagement rates soared, averaging 43% higher interactions with their established community.

  • Revenue Boost: Beyond the impressive engagement metrics, Sweet Reserve Bakery and Cafe saw a 22% revenue surge in August, a testament to the efficacy of the campaigns and the event's success.

Client Feedback:

“The success of our 2nd-anniversary event was beyond our expectations. Diatonic Visuals' strategic approach and creative prowess filled our storefront and significantly boosted our brand presence. The increased revenue and engagement have set the stage for our expansion, with two new locations in Shaumburg & Woodfield in the pipeline."

- Humera, Sweet Reserve Bakery and Cafe


Diatonic Visuals' strategic and creative approach transformed Sweet Reserve's anniversary event into a landmark success. The event's triumph stands as a testament to the power of integrated marketing, combining digital campaigns with on-ground promotions. The success story of Sweet Reserve Bakery and Cafe underscores Diatonic Visuals' commitment to delivering results that drive growth and brand resonance.


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